Why Does Wavy Mirror Appear In So Many Outfit Selfies?

The era of the Instagram mirror selfie is currently in full swing. Even influencers, who were previously photographed in far-off places, are now compelled to shoot selfies at home in front of full-length mirrors, where they typically wear outfits that frequently incorporate pandemic mainstays like matching sweatsuits and comfortable knitwear.

The pandemic has forced everyone (and their outfits) indoors. However, there is still some curation involved since it is Instagram after all, even though it is refreshing to see more relatable photos from people who no longer profess to be in full-outfit mode every day. Instead of a particular item of clothing or accessory, this new fashion-friendly design centers on an easily recognizable wavy mirror, which is ideal for framing an ensemble.

A common sight on the grid is languidly curved mirrors with full dresses, nail art, and artfully framed selfies. Almost all of the mirrors are made in vibrant colors or intriguing forms, ranging from puddle-like to rectangular with wavy or circular frames. Statement mirrors are not particularly novel in the home décor world, but they are novel in the fashion world as the unofficial It item of everyday wear pictures.

Offer Interest in any Outfit

A statement mirror may, in its most basic form, offer interest to any outfit, even one that features the same house dress you’ve been wearing for two days running. A mirror may “bring a fun touch to every shot, and many individuals are confined to shooting outfit photos at home. Any look has significantly more Instagram potential when it is framed by a beautiful mirror.

Featured in the Celebrities Houses

Despite the fact that the mirrors are rather an investment piece, with prices starting at roughly $10,000, they have become ubiquitous on social media because they have been manufactured again and featured in the houses of celebrities. It is somewhat similar to an It bag, an appropriate substitute given that we are more inclined to broadcast the contents of our homes than our actual bags. All of this fame has converted the Ultrafragola into sort of a status symbol.

Available at Discounted Prices

But where there are pricey It products, there are often reasonably priced knockoffs. While experts believe that the statement mirror trend is here to stay and that with nowhere to go these days, your mirror selfie is everything. Fashion experts don’t see some of the kitschier knockoffs, like the well-liked DIY foam mirrors of last summer, sticking around. The designs that are expected to last are the vintage ones that have stood the test of time, and present designers with creative minds.

Increases Likes on Social Media

It’s possible that earning some guaranteed likes on Instagram will make you happy. Maybe it’s because you’ve found a new way to present yourself to the world: framed in vibrant waves, the way you want to be seen, the way you want to live — even if you’re still lounging around your house in the same sweatsuit you’ve been wearing all week. Maybe it’s because you’ve found a new way to present yourself to the world.