Why do dogs pee on dog snuffle mats?

Have you ever wondered why our four-legged pals sometimes use their snuffle mats as a pee spot?


It may seem weird, but there are some pretty doggone good reasons behind it.

Claiming Territory

Dogs are all about staking their claim. When they sprinkle their scent on a snuffle mat, it’s like them planting a flag that says, “This is my turf!” It makes them feel cozy and in charge of their little corner of the world.

Comfort Zone

Dogs find comfort in their own smell. By giving their snuffle mat a sprinkle, they add a touch of their favorite scent. It’s like a warm and fuzzy security blanket for them, especially for puppies who crave that familiar scent.

Pee-tastic Messaging

Dogs are big on sending scent messages. When they relieve themselves on the mat, it’s like sending a text message to other dogs in the neighborhood. They’re saying, “Hey, I’m here, and this place is taken!” It’s a canine form of social networking.

Stress Buster

Sometimes, dogs use the mat as their personal stress relief pad. Just like humans might feel the need to go when they’re stressed, dogs do the same. Their pee smell gives them a chill vibe and helps them cope with stressful situations.

Attention Seekers

If a dog once got a reaction (good or bad) to peeing on the mat, they might do it again to get noticed. Dogs are smart guys when it comes to getting our attention, and they don’t mind if it’s for a “bad” reason.

Curiosity Quest

Dogs are natural explorers. They love to sniff around and investigate different textures and smells. Snuffle mats are like a playground for their noses, so they might leave their mark to check out how it feels and smells.

Health Matters

Sometimes, there’s more to it than meets the eye. If a dog starts peeing on the mat out of the blue, it could be due to a medical issue, like a pesky urinary tract infection or incontinence. If it seems unusual or happens a lot, a trip to the vet might be in order.


Understanding why our furry buddies choose the snuffle mat as their restroom can help us handle the situation better. While it can be a tad frustrating, patience and positive reinforcement are key. Providing dogs with a designated bathroom area and some training can help curb this behavior. That way, we can keep the snuffle mat as their favorite playtime spot, and they can keep using it for what it’s really meant for—sniffing out the fun!