Things to Consider When Choosing a Ski Mask

If you are into snowboarding or skiing then you know the ski mask is one of the important equipment you need. Other than making you look good; it offers adequate protection whenever you are involved in these activities. For instance, custom ski mask will protect you from small debris and snow and from accidents and impacts. The ski masks are innovatively designed and are a vital accessory for those engaged in these adrenaline-releasing activities. These are tips to help you choose the perfect ski mask.

Determine the Fit

As you know, ski masks are not made equal. There are different brands available in the market. However, they can be categorized into two major sizes. There are wider masks meant for those who want to cover the entire face. These are also suitable for adults. You can also opt for narrower masks to cover your face partially. These can also be used by kids.

You need to select the appropriate size that offers you adequate comfort. Remember that the ski mask is worn with a helmet. Therefore, the size of the helmet should guide you when choosing the ski mask.


You need to consider the material of the ski mask. Top brands are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This is necessary to ensure the mask does not become stiffer. In addition, it ensures you get higher shock absorption. Usually, this mask does should not break during an impact.


You should note that ski googles have a variety of lenses suitable for different conditions. There are certain models that allow you to change lens. In this way, you can use different googles for different situations. You can also find googles that can be used anywhere, anytime. These are meant for people who do not want to try different googles. These are the common lenses:

Snow Lenses

These lenses are transparent and have orange or yellow color. They are designed to increase contrast to ensure there is optimal visibility even in bad weather or low light conditions. You can even use them for skiing or snowboarding at night.

Sunny Lenses

Usually, these lenses are black or mirrored. They are quite popular because they are stylish and you can use them on sunny days. If you want to purchase a single mask, then you should opt for this because it is stylish. You will also find mirrored lenses to be the least versatile. These are not suitable for low light conditions.

Universal Lenses

These lenses are meant for all types of conditions. The lenses are brown in color and you can find them in local sports shops. However, you should not use these lenses in areas with poor visibility or extreme weather conditions.


When choosing the best ski mask make sure you consider all the above things. Ensure you pay attention to the type of lens, total cost, and aesthetics. There are some brands that manufacture high-quality ski masks, so you should check them out. If you are not sure whether a certain ski mask is good for you, make sure you consult an expert.