How Should Gemstone Dice Be Cared For?

Gemstone dice are a fantastic choice if you want to add some personality to your gaming experience. The weight and feel of these dice, in addition to their excellent appearance, add a unique level to gameplay. Premium stones used in their creation include lapis lazuli, jade, and amethyst.

Urwizards has a large selection of magnificent gemstone dice in addition to our Liquid Core Elixir Dice, for which we are well known. Not only are these dice gorgeous, but they also roll well and are sturdy. Your tabletop game experience can be enhanced by using gemstone dice.

They have a weight and feel that can improve your gameplay, plus they have a stunning appearance. You may feel more a part of the game world and your character when you roll gemstone dice. You can also match your dice to the personality or playstyle of your character, thanks to the variety of gemstone alternatives available.

What Materials Are Used in Gemstone Dice?

Our semi-precious stone and rock dice are crafted from a range of materials. Anything from zoisite to amethyst. Additionally, we have dice made of synthetic materials (synthetic opal and crystal), fused art, and transparent and rainbow dichroic glass in our inventory.

Tips To Take Care of Gemstone Dice

Dice expertly carved from natural semi-precious gemstones are the best option if you’re searching for the pinnacle of luxury or something genuinely exceptional and lovely. Few experiences in tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, are as remarkable as rolling actual diamonds.

These stones do have flaws, though, just like all minerals do. Although the hardness and durability of different gemstones vary, by taking a few easy precautions to care for your dice, you can ensure that they will last for many, many years. For a good variety of gemstone dice, you need to follow these steps:


Most dice, including those made of natural materials, can be broken if handled roughly. Avoid actions like dropping your dice from a height onto a rough or hard surface by keeping them on the table. Because forcefully rolling your dice on a hard table is also not ideal, we advise using a rolling tray or rolling pad (as we do with most dice, anyhow).

A rolling tray can keep your dice limited to your area and on the table, which most players greatly appreciate. However, rolling on a padded card table should be acceptable. To prevent the dice from violently clacking together while shaking stone and gemstone dice in a dice cup or cupped hand, we advise just shaking one die at a time.

Storing Of Gemstone Dice

All of our gemstone dice sets include a luxurious dice box that is great for keeping your dice secure. We strongly advise keeping dice in this box as opposed to a bag where they could rattle around. To safely keep gemstone dice, an alternative is to utilize a dice chest or vault with partitions.

Cleaning Of Gemstone Dice

Cleaning gemstone dice is necessary if you want to keep your dice looking their best. Most dice don’t need to be cleaned very often. Avoid using abrasive scouring pads or chemicals to clean your dice because any natural material may contain potentially reactive compounds. To keep your dice looking as beautiful as the day you added them to your hoard, a gentle, moist towel should be adequate to remove most substances from them.

Avoid Exposing To Sunlight

Don’t display gemstone dice on a windowsill or expose them to heat or sunshine for extended periods. Several stones will deteriorate in the sunshine, including fluorite. Some gemstone dice may lose their inherent moisture due to heat. A fracture can also be brought on in some gemstones with sudden temperature fluctuations and intense heat. As a result, be sure to protect your jewels from heat and sunshine at all times.


Gemstone dice can be stunning and unique when made from natural stones like quartz, amethyst, or aventurine. Proper upkeep is required for them to maintain their integrity and appearance over time. The finest things to keep your gemstone dice in are dice bags or soft pouches made of fabric or velvet. It’s crucial to adhere to the above maintenance recommendations to keep your gemstone dice appealing and functional for a long time and to add a touch of refinement to your tabletop gaming experience.